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Technical Questions(note: for the most part these Technical FAQs apply to CONFLEX, Parallel CONFLEX, and CONFLEX.NET)

Can I run CONFLEX as an engine for my AMBER 7.0 software?
Yes. You can use the files from a Linux CONFLEX output as input to a Linux Amber version 7.0. CONFLEX files can also be used in CAChe, ChemOffice, and other programs which can read compatible files.

What files can I import into CONFLEX?
CONFLEX Products can read MDL MOL files and SD files as well as PDB, LOG, CMF, and CIF files.

What file types are output by CONFLEX?
CONFLEX output files are in the 'sdl' format. Earlier versions used the 'fxl' format. We refer to these output files as"CONFLEX Conformation List files".

What software programs are compatible with CONFLEX output?
CONFLEX output can be used in Amber 7.0, CAChe, ChemOffice, and other programs which can read compatible files.

What is the recommended number of computers I should use for Parallel CONFLEX if I want to investigate large molecules like DNA, RNA or proteins?
This depends on a many variables including CPU power, machine type, etc. As a general recommendation though, 10 CPUs would offer a good cost-to-performance benefit.

What is the best Operating System for PC for running CONFLEX?
This is really a question of which OS you feel most comfortable with. The software performs equally well on the OS for which it is designed. CONFLEX operates on Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 32 & 64 bit, Mac OS X 10.6 & up, as well as Redhat Linux 6.1 & up. Parallel CONFLEX operates on Mac OS X 10.6 & up and Redhat Linux 6.1 & up.


Pricing and Ordering Questions

Can I get discount if I buy additional licenses for CONFLEX?
Iif you are interested in a multiple copy license, we do offer discounts. Please contact us with your specifications, and we will be pleased to provide you a quotation.

How do I calculate a price for a 10 node Parallel CONFLEX system?
The price would be USD 43,500. First you will need a single CPU license for CONFLEX at a price of USD 30,000 which includes the CONFLEX Interface. Then add the 9 additional nodes at USD 1,500 (USD 13,500).

Tell me more about the Maintenance and Support Program for CONFLEX and Parallel CONFLEX?
Annual Maintenance and Support Service is provided at a rate of 20% of the then-current license fee for the software to be supported. The support program also includes any updates or new versions that may be released during the service period.


Questions About CONFLEX Web SiteWhere can I find more information about CONFLEX Conformation Analysis Products?
Additional technical information may be found in the PDF Data Sheets for our products . Additionally, you can visit our References page which lists publications about our work.

What do I need to read the data sheets I downloaded?
To view the PDF file, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

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