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American Chemical Society Exposition

San Francisco, CA
Booth 1112
April 2-4, 2017

The 17th Asian Chemical Congress

Melbourne, Australia
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July 23-28, 2017

New Products
CONFLEX 7 Released Q3 2012

New in CONFLEX 7

  • Crystal Structure Search and Optimization
  • Powder Diffraction Pattern Simulation.
  • Can be launched from ChemOffice products
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Conformation Generation Consulting
As an alternative to licensing CONFLEX software, CONFLEX provides an outsourced service by way of its Conformation Generation Consulting services. CONFLEX can provide fast turn-around to generate conformations of organic compounds comprising several hundred molecules utilizing its in-house software.

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CONFLEX is currently seeking Reference Sites in the USA and Europe for its commercial and academic licenses. Aggressive Discounts are provided. Qualifying is easy, but limited. Learn more by contacting us

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