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CONFLEX Corporation develops and licenses the conformational analysis packages - CONFLEX® and PARALLEL CONFLEX. CONFLEX Corporation also offers its expertise by way of its Conformation Consulting Service.

CONFLEX permits fast, accurate, automated conformation searching and analysis critical to drug discovery and chemical engineering. Unique to CONFLEX is its capability to completely search the conformational space of a flexible molecule to find every optimal structure of chemically significant conformers. CONFLEX is not limited to finding only locally-optimized structures that depend on an initial structure input by the user.

New features in CONFLEX 7.0 include Crystal Structure Search and Optimization, Powder Diffraction Pattern Simulation.

Conformation Generation Consulting
As an alternative to licensing CONFLEX software, CONFLEX provides an outsourced service by way of its Conformation Generation Consulting services. CONFLEX can provide fast turn-around to generate conformations of organic compounds comprising several hundred molecules utilizing its in-house software.

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